Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Sept 24 outlook

/ES: Yesterday: O: 1984 H: 1988 L: 1968.25 C: 1969.75
Overnight: H: 1978.75 L: 1968.25
Currently: 1976.50

10yr: Yesterday: O: 2.549 H: 2.556 L: 2.533 C: 2.535
Currently: 2.538

/VX: Yesterday: O: 14.85  H: 15.4 L: 14.7 C: 15.38
Currently: 15.12

BBBY is out with earnings this AM which sent the stock up to a high of 8.3% in the ETH. It closed at 62.75 and hit a high of 68 yesterday AMC, which has since been faded to a low of 65.5. It is currently trading around 66, a gain of 5.2%. The news is somewhat mixed on the report and may provide a decent non-directional candidate. The stock is trading on relatively light volume this AM.

KBH is getting knocked in the pre mkt after posting earnings and is trading down 7.5% at 15.70 after closing yesterday at 17.00. No weekly options are offered for KBH.

Tuesday Recap:
AMAT saw a bunch of opening activity in the weekly 22, 21.5 and 21 puts. This action could have been off the US Dept. of Treasury new anti tax inversion rules.

GPRO saw some bullish action in the weekly 72 calls off the open and the stock ended up ripping higher on the day.

GLMD at 1045 hours announced the FDA granted it fast track status. The small cap ripped from 6.50 to 10.50

DDD had news that it had secured a "big deal", turns out the deal was only worth a few million. The stock popped, then dropped, but finished higher on the day.

A CF non-directional would have worked off the open yesterday, if option illiquidity didn't prevent entry.

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