Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Sep 26 outlook

/ES: Yesterday: O: 1990.75 H: 1991.5 L 1957.5: C: 1962
currently: 1959.00

10yr: Yesterday: O: 2.544 H: 2.546 L: 2.504 C: 2.511
Currently: 2.542

/VX: Yesterday: O: 14.6 H: 16.08 L: 14.6 C: 15.78
Currently: 15.80

NKE is out with earnings which the street apparently loves. The stock closed at 79.70 and is currently trading up 10% at 87.80. Its ETH range was from 84 yesterday to 85.50. Then this morning the pre-mkt range was from 85.50 to 87.80.

BBRY sold off pretty fierce into earning yesterday, after opening at 10.55 only to close just off the lows at 9.85. It posted earnings this AM and the stock initially popped to around 10.20 then hit a low of 9.40 and is currently trading at 9.64.

MU posted earnings AMC yesterday and it seems to be favorably received. The stock closed at 31.70 and traded at 32.70 after it announced earnings. It hit a pre-mkt high of 34.25 and is currently trading around 34 now.

And not really stock related, but Pimco's Bill Gross has left Pimco to join Janus. This makes me think of Corzine joining MF Global.

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