Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Sept 29 outlook

BABA options are scheduled to begin trading today. The stock is trading around 89.70 now. It hit a high of 99.70 within the first hour of its IPO and a low of 86.63 two days later. I'm guessing 30 day IV closes at 70.

ECA, a $15.6b co agreed to purchase $4.55b ATHL at about a 25% premium. ECA closed at 21.15 and popped to a high of 22 in the pre on light volume and is currently trading around 21.40. There are no weekly options available for ECA but the October options are priced at 34% IV, indicating a move of 6.2% by October 17.

Friday Recap:
NKE a straddle would have been mildly profitable if bought off the open, for 1.80 and could have been sold at EOD for $2.00. However, as is often the case, the stock entered a period of homeostasis around noon on low volume. The straddle was going for .60 and was worth $2.00 by EOD.

BBRY opened at 9.65 and a 9.5/10 strangle could have been BTO for .23 and sold for .56

YHOO and AOL both ripped around noon on Starboard activist news. OTM Friday opex calls were gameable in both names.

LNKD ripped for some reason which I meant to follow up on but didn't as opening IV didn't come close to covering the move.

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