Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Oct 1 outlook

TKMR is ripping higher after the CDC announced the first case of ebola in the US. The stock closed yesterday at 21.15 and is currently trading at 26.70 after hitting a pre-mkt high of 28.45.

EBAY is down 2.5% after it had ripped higher yesterday on news that it was going to spinoff PayPal. There are several analysts notes downgrading the stock today. It closed at 56.70 and is currently trading around 55.15.

Tuesday and Monday Recap:

I wasn't around Tuesday but EXPE saw a bunch of call buying in the Nov 92.5 calls yesterday with the stock around 87.30.


ECA opened at 21.40 and popped to 21.85 by 1115 hours and closed at 21.60. It is trading at 21.15 now.

BABA options opened and I was surprised to see vol open at 42%. It ended up closing much lower on the day at 36%. I understand it's a large cap company, but it's in China and the effective mkt cap is about $80b based on the float.

K saw bullish action in the Dec 62.5 calls with the stock trading around 61.60. It's currently trading at 60.85 now.

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