Current Workout Routine

I changed up my workout routine back in May of 2015. The routine I had been doing can be found here. Thanks to that routine, I packed on some serious muscle mass and strength. For the past two years, I've only been weightlifting twice a week. Much to my surprise, I've been able to maintain some good size and stay in great shape. Friends and family see me and comment that I probably live in the gym or work out all the time. They're often surprised to hear I only lift 2x/week. Like a lot in life, quality trumps frequency. I still stay busy when I'm not lifting though, primarily these days through tennis. 

My day off, I go for about a 4 mile walk or I play doubles tennis

3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlifts
**3x failure Dips

I either play tennis or go for another 4 mile walk

3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Bent Rows (or power cleans) 

**4x failure pull-ups (2x wide grip, 2x close grip)

Might take the day off, but will probably go for a walk

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike 

Lastly, if you'll be lifting in the gym for the first time, I recommend checking out Dom Mazzetti's "Rookie Mistakes in the Gym" tutorial video:

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