PSA: Save Birds of Prey

There are a lot of great causes and charities out there and many of them are far more important than my simple request of people. My simple request is that people discontinue using rodenticides (mouse and/or rat poisions) for rodent control. The problem with the poisons is the high rate of secondary poisonings to birds of prey. The poisons should probably be renamed "Hawk and Owl poison". The primary poisons have been discovered in >80% of necropsies performed on birds of prey.

It's simple enough when you think about it. The mouse consumes the poison which dehydrates the mouse. The mouse ends up outside and is in a weakened state due to the poison. A hawk or an owl sees the mouse in this state and figures he has scored an easy meal. The hawk or owl consumes the mouse, then suffers the same fate the mouse had as a result of the poison. This can also affect domestic cats and small dogs.

The solution is simple: discontinue using mouse poison and use traps. Effective with no secondary kills to either wild life nor domestic pets.

See the below article from the Audobon Society for further:

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