Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Sept 23 outlook

/ES: Yesterday: O: 2002 H: 2003 L: 1982.5 C: 1983.5
Overnight: H: 1987.5 L: 1977.5
Currently: 1980.75

10yr: O: 2.562 H: 2.578 L: 2.547 C: 2.566
Currently: 2.551

/VX: O: 14.15 H: 14.9 L: 14.1 C: 14.89
Currently: 14.95

ABBV is getting knocked 5%, it closed yesterday at 58.70 and is currently trading around 55.73. This comes after the US Treasury Dept unveiled new rules to make it more difficult for inversions.

HLF dropped like a stone into yesterday's close. It opened at 44.50 then slowly sold off to 43.50 by 2pm, then dropped from 43.5 to 42.5 by 2:30pm then dropped straight down to 39 at 3:45pm before closing at 40.22. There was a rumor that Icahn had liquidated his stake but that was refuted.

CF is popping 4.3% trading at 267.5 after closing at 256 yesterday. This is on potential merger talks.

Monday Recap:
INVN dropped like a stone yesterday. It opened around 22.70 then sold off to 20.76 by 1130am. @TheNotableCalls #nailedit

DPS IV continued to rip and Oct 70 calls were being bot around 1700x as the stock again popped to close at 65.32. Maybe a KO/DPS merger on the way.

FCX saw 4k of the wkly 34 calls trade early for around .18, they hit a high of about .23, then the stock tanked with the rest of the mkt.

VMW popped off the EMC news opening at 93.5 before hitting a day high of 98.

SPLS continued to see some bullish action, this time with 15k October 13 puts STO for .40 with the stock around 13.

TA saw some unusual action in the October 12.5 calls with about 4k trading for around .20, total call OI in the name was 6k at the time.

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