Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Sept 22 outlook

/ES: Friday: O: 2006 H: 2014.5 L: 1998.25 C: 2000.25
overnight: O: 2002 H: 2003 L: 1991.75

10yr: Friday: O: 2.607 H: 2.629 L: 2.582 C: 2.585
currently: 2.56

/VX: Friday O: 14.05 H: 14.3 L: 13.79 C: 14.12
Currently: 14.30

EMC is hearing some takeover chatter. This has been going on for a while now with the Co. The shares are up 2% at 30.16 after closing at 29.55.

INVN is dropping on news that AAPL may not be using the company for its smartphones.

Friday Recap:

NE had a bunch of opening 24.5 put buys around 0935 for .13 with about 1900 trading.  The stock ending up dropping shortly thereafter on super light volume to 24.10 by 11am, sending the puts up to .55.

DPS saw a flurry of activity in the November 70 calls, definitely one to keep an eye on for potential T/O.

DVN also saw heavy call activity as well.

ORCL opened at 40.58 hit a high of 40.66 w/in the first minute then progressively sold off to a low of 39.28 by 11am. The stock closed at 39.80. A 40.50/41 straddle would have cost .48 and hit a high of $1.30 by 11am. I didn't like the strangle going into it.

DRC opened at 82.22 then sold off throughout the day befor closing at the lows at 80.00. Lack of dollar strikes made a non-directional impossible.

YHOO ended up selling off hard. A straddle just prior to the BABA ipo would have paid off nicely. I considered it off the open but never revisited the idea just prior to IPO open.

TSLA traded basically rangebound and didn't cover the juiced IV spread. 

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