Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Sept 19

/ES: Yesterday: O: 1995.5 H: 2006.75 L: 1993 C: 2006.25
Overnight: H: 2014.5 L: 2007
Current: 2011

10yr: Yesterday: O:  2.625 H: 2.642 L: 2.616 C: 2.629
Current: 2.604

/VX: Yesterday: O: 14.25 H: 14.3 L: 14: C: 14.02
Current: 13.9

ORCL: Is trading down 2.65% at 40.45 after closing yesterday at 41.55. It traded at an ETH low of 40.20 and a high of 41.40. This comes on news that Larry Ellison is stepping down as CEO.

DRC: Stock is up 11.6% on reports of the company receiving competing buyout bids. The stock closed at 73 and is currently trading around 81.60. It has traded in an ETH range from 80.50 to 83 on relatively light volume.

YHOO will be one to watch off the BABA IPO today. YHOO's mkt cap is currently $41.9B, it's BABA position is valued at $27B pre-tax. YHOO IV is an insane 136%.

TSLA is dropping 3% on a note from Goldman that Musk may look to raise cash through an secondary. Stock is at 256.15 after finishing yesterday at 263.80.

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