Sunday, October 28, 2012

Twitter Futures peeve

This is my mini-rant/request for futures traders to standardize their futures trades when using twitter. Whatever future you're trading, use the "$", then ticker, then "FUT". For instance:

The s&p eminis would be: $ESFUT

Nasdaq: $NQFUT

Crude Oil: $CLFUT

I think you get the idea... Currently, the "$ES_F" returns futures tweets mixed in with international tweets and tweets that have nothing to do with futures thanks to the "_" search character. This would make futures ticker searches on twitter 100x easier. If someone has a better system, let's use that. Either way, it would be nice if all traders were on the same page!

For the 2-3% who are going to argue about the lack of noted expiration, who cares. Just say "$ESFUT Dec 12" as options guys do.

Insert end of rant here, and feel free to pass the word along!!!!

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