Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday 10.31 pre-mkt outlook

/ES looks to open around 1414 after closing at 1406 on Friday afternoon.

I'm not feeling too strongly about any trades this AM and plan on just watching the market for a couple hours.

$RVBD is trading down at 19.95, down from 22.50 after announcing an acquisition that had analyst downgrade the stock. The 19.50 level looks like support, otherwise there could be a breakdown to the 18 level.

I'll be watching how $HD and $LOW trade after the hurricane. $HD closed at 60 and is trading at 62.60 in the pre-mkt. It will be interesting to see the action on the weekly 62.50s, considering that's the 52wk

In addition to Home Depot and Lowes, I'll also be watching $DAL and $UAL to the downside after they had to cancel all kinds of flights due to the storm.

$AAPL is trading down at 597 after closing at 605 on Friday.

$MA is out with earnings this AM. It had closed at 454 and is trading at 451 in the pre-mkt.

$V is also out with earnings and is trading flat at 138 this am.

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