Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday 10.26 recap


The /ES opened at 1408 and closed at 1407 with a day low of 1397 and day high of 1412.

The /NQ opened at 2651, hit a day low of 2630, a day high of 2669 and closed at 2660.

/CL opened at 85.80, with a day low of 85.53, high of 86.37 and closed at 86.10.


$AAPL opened at 609, hit a day high of 614 at 945 then sold off to 591 at 1230 before rebounding to 610 and closed at 603.

$AMZN opened around 231, hit a low of 227 then steadily climbed throughout the day to close at 237.

$EXPE opened at 59.06 and sold off to 56.02 by 1330, only to rebound to close at where it opened.

$PCLN opened at 584 and climbed to 589 by 1000, then steadily sold off to 572 by 1100 and closed just under 580.

Actionable News:

$JOY - news came out around 1110 that $JOY might be bought out by $GE for 78/share. This sent shares of $JOY from 60.35 to 63.30. The weekly 62.50 call went from an actionable .15 at 1115 to .95 by 1130 on decent volume. The Stock ended up closing at 61.25.

$NFLX - At around 1130hrs, news came out of a possibly buyout of $NFLX by $MSFT for 90/share. this sent the stock from an actionable 61.50 to 70.24. The weekly 62.50 went from .20 to 7.70. I had my order set up at .20 but bailed on it. I wish my foresight was as good as my hindsight...

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