Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday 10.26 Pre-mkt Outlook

The /ES closed yesterday at 1408 and looks to open around that point this AM after dipping into the 1390 territory overnight.

$AAPL along with everyone else in the world I'll be keeping an eye on this. It spiked down to 585 and is currently trading around 610, after closing at about 610.

$AMZN is in a similar boat, it closed at 228, spiked down to 204 and is currently trading around 227.

$EXPE closed yesterday at 51.25 and is trading at 59.40 currently in the pre-mkt. The 60 level is year-long resistence.

$PCLN I think will be a great derivative play off of $EXPE and has historically been a good sympathy trade. PCLN closed at 557 and is trading at 585 in the pre-mkt. RSI is currently showing $PCLN as oversold

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