Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday 10.09 Pre-mkt outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1452 after closing at 1450 yesterday.

$NFLX has been on a tear lately, ripping from 58 to 74 in a week. $BAC has come out this morning with a note saying "take the money and run". $NFLX is now trading at 68 in the pre-mkt. I'll be keeping a keen eye on the 67.5 and 65 puts.

$BIDU caught a downgrade today from $CS with PT lowered from $113 to $83. Tough break for everyone buying the 115 calls yesterday, stock is down from 114 to 109. I'll be watching the 110 puts and the 105 puts. I will also be watching $GOOG for potential sympathy, which is currently trading higher from 758 to 761.

$EW the $12B company lowered its 3rd quarter out look citing European weakness and slower US growth. The stock closed yesterday at 107 and is trading down at 89 now. I will be keeping a watch on the 90 and 85 puts, with 83 as lower support as it's been trading around 100 for the past 4 months.

$OC the $4B co. is off 10% after revising its outlook to the downside. It's down from 33 to 30 and change in the pre-mkt. The $30 area looks to be key support for the past year. It's one to watch with dollar option strikes.

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