Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday 10.08 mkt recap

The /es closed at 1450 after trading in a rather narrow 5 point range. At 1500 it ripped from 1450 to 1453 after some positive news out of the ECB before selling off.

$IPXL opened at 26.70 then sold off to 26.34. The action in the options was non-existent (42 total traded).

$AAPL opened at 644 and gradually sold off, hitting a low of 636. After a brief rip higher at 1500 it closed at 638. The $AAPL 635 put opened at 6.50 before volatility settled down for it to trade around 5.30. It then ripped higher to 9.70 by 1030.

$GDOT opened at about 10.75 then sold off hard right off the bat to 10.25. There was some light action in the October and November puts, trading about 300 a piece. The Oct 10s opened at .30 and hit a high of .45. The Nov 10 Puts opened at .65 and hit a high of .85, but predominately traded in a range of .80 to .85 on light volume.

$NFLX again ripped off the open. $NFLX opened at 71.39  and hit a day high of 74.23. The 72.5 calls opened at 1.40 and hit a high of 3.20. The 75 calls opened at .80 and hit a high of 2.00. There were 16k total of the 72.5s and 75s traded compared to combined OI of 3k.

$LLY came out with news at 1315 that it's stage III alzheimers drug showed positive results. This sent the stock trading up from 48.25 to a high of 50.90. The 49 call traded from $1 to 2.20 and the 50 call traded from .70 to 1.40, though it did sell off to .38 before rebounding to 1.40. $LLY traded 7k Oct 49 calls vs 19k OI and 15k Oct 50 calls vs OI of 25k.

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