Monday, October 8, 2012

Pre-mkt outlook Monday 10.08

/ES closed at 1455 on Friday, and looks to open lower around 1450.

$IPXL produces the generic version of Wellbutrin, and the FDA has just withdrawn its approval of the drug. There is currently no pre-mkt activity, but I would be interested to see the action in the 25 puts or 22.5 puts.

$AAPL After closing at 652, $AAPL appears to be opening lower around 645 after an article in the WSJ came out saying that work at the Foxconn factory in China has stopped, potentially holding back production of the iPhone 5.

$GDOT is taking a hit after $AXP and $WMT formed an alliance for a pre-paid card. Shares are down from 12.85 to 10.84 on volume of 400k

$NFLX caught an upgrade as well. Shares are trading higher from 66.56 to 71.48, or 7%. I'll be keeping my eye on the action of the weekly 72.5 calls

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