Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday 10.4 recap and friday preview

$NFLX again ripped higher today on heavy opening volume

$XLF ripped higher as well, after a huge pickup in OTM weekly 16s bot yesterday for .04. The 16s opened at .04 and ripped to .12 today

$HPQ sold off on the open but quickly rebounded after CEO Meg Whitman was interviewed on CNBC at 0900. She answered all the questions with political non-answer answers.

I'm sure there was other stuff going on but I was unable to trade today.

Unusual options:

To follow up on the post from last night, the 20K Oct 7.5 puts were opening positions. The OI at that strike revealed 40k sitting in OI, up 20k from the night before. There were another 5k traded at that strike today as well. Very interested to see what happens.

$STZ is out with earnings tomorrow. The action was largely bullish with 4600 puts traded to 10K calls. 40% of the calls were sold and 24% of the puts were bot, giving a bear score of 64. 47% of the puts were sold and 44% of the calls were bot, giving a bull score of 93. There was also a huge January 40/45 call spread BTO for .60

Please see my stupid pin charts for $AAPL, $FB, $GOOG and $SPY below

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