Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wed 10.3 Mkt Recap

$NFLX - Opened at 58.39 on heavy volume, broke resistance at 60 and ripped higher toward the close of the day to close at 62.58. The weekly 60 calls opened at .40 and hit a day high of 2.95 at the close of the bell. The 62.5s opened at .10 and hit 1.25 by mkt close.

$HPQ - Black swan of the day. CEO Whitman guiding earnings down, sent $HPQ into the "HPQ Death Spiral". The 16 weekly put went from trading .15 to .40 by1230, then hit a low of .20 at 12.50, then ripped to 1.11 as the news was digested by the whales.

$AIG - Had a breakout above near term resistance at 33.60 where it opened. Hit a day high of 34.41. The 34 calls opened at .15 and hit a high of .55

$MON - Opened down off earnings. Opened at 88.91, hit a low of 87.57 around 1100.The 87.5 puts opened at .90 and hit a high of 1.57, before the stock rebounded by day's end.

$BBY - opened at 17.50, sold off a bit off the open, and then gradually creeped up to a high of 17.87.

$FDO - Opened at 68.26, sold off quick to 67.50ish then rebounded to the day high before 10am at 69.65. The monthly 70 call opened on light volume at .55 and hit a high of 1.25 at 945.

Unusual Options Activity:

$APKT - I saw huge call buying at the NOV 20 and 22.5 strikes but didn't act. Stock ripped higher carrying the weekly calls with it. the weekly 19 opened at .1 and hit a high of .5 on light volume though

$DLPH - Looks like 15000 of the $DLPH Nov 32.5 calls bot for .90 and 15838 of the Feb 35c sold for .80 for a net debit of .10, $83k in premium. However, this could have been the closing of positions as the OI at Nov 32.5 was 17,204 and the OI in the Feb 35s was 17,468.

$JAZZ - October 60 calls and October 55 puts sold, looking to box in JAZZ which is currently trading at 58 and has been range bound for the past month or so.

$LYV - the $LYV Oct 7.5 puts, had over 20k traded and seeing vol at that strike increase 58 to 89. However, it could have been positions closing as the OI at that strike was 21,679

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