Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Wednesday 04 Oct 2023 Morning Notes

Got a bit a of a curveball thrown at me with my child getting sick at school, so currently contending with that. She appears to be on the mend though. Bond yields continue to be the only item of concern as they explode higher seemingly every day.

I closed out positions in GME, MARA, RIOT, and RIDEQ where I owned long term ratio put spreads (save for RIDEQ which were deep ITM puts). Every position was down bigly at some point, but they all rallied back to be flipped for a profit, with RIDEQ being my tidiest profit.

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Y'day Other News: PNT: +84% at 12.30 on M&A by LLY for $12.50/share cash; ALXO: +68% at 8.03 on drug data; ODD: +11.5% at 31.35 on guidance; ENVX: -11% at 10.65 on guidance/layoffs/restructuring;

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