Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tuesday 03 Oct 2023 Morning Notes

Bring your daughter to the bond slaughter. The beatings in fixed income will continue until morale improves. PFIX continues its ascension higher. I missed NEP getting taken to the woodshed after the co. update on their dividend, I suspect other highly rate-sensitive biz's will have no choice but to take an axe to their guidance and/or dividends.

Not sure I'll be spending much time around the 'ol trading desk this morning as the weather is beyond fantastic, and you can't put a value on that!!

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Follow through names to watch:

PNT: +84% at 12.30 on M&A by LLY for $12.50/share cash;
ALXO: +68% at 8.03 on drug data;
ODD: +11.5% at 31.35 on guidance;

ENVX: -11% at 10.65 on guidance/layoffs/restructuring;

Follow through watch:

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2 days ago AMC: NKE
2 days ago BMO: CCL

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