Monday, July 13, 2020

Mon 13 Jul 2020 Morning Notes

Looks like a "metric shit-ton" of put premium will be going up in smoke this week in GSX, which has tarred and feathered shorts as it rips to ATHs despite being an apparent fraud. GSX is why it's almost always preferable to spread vol when possible, mitigate losses when stock turns against position. 

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:  
Today BMO: PEP

Other News: ADI to acquire MXIM in all-stock deal;

Follow Through Names to Watch: BBBY, WBA

TSLA: +14% at 1750 on being TSLA;
ALT: +9% at 24.50 on drug data;
SSSS: +24% at 12.14 on positive comments re: upcoming IPO;

NXTC: -50% at 8.43 on drug data;
ADI: -5.7% on MXIM acquisition/general tech wreck;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: 
Yesterday BMO: GBX

Y'day Other News:

2 days ago AMC: BBBY
2 days ago BMO: WBA; AZZ

2 Day Old News: BGFV: +71% at 3.31; NKLA: +9% at 58.65 on being NKLA; NTES: +8% at 490; BABA: +3.5% at 266.70; BBBY: -9% at 9.47; WBA: -4.9% at 40.24; AZZ: -4% at 31.80; UAL: -5% at 29.20 on bonds d/g further into junk; INTC: -1.5% at 57.50 on product delay;

TT Track of the Day: Feels like a Mad World kind of day, Gary Jules style.. and it's a Monday

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