Friday, July 10, 2020

Fri 10 Jul 2020 Morning Notes

Threw on a small COST wkly 332.5/340 1x2 call ratio yesterday at a small net credit (lunch money). Love these trades, risk/reward is phenomenal. Had a chance to flip it for decent bucks yesterday near the close but decided to press it for some better money only to see stock reverse. Will probably end up keeping the lunch money.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:  
Today BMO: GBX

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: BBBY, WBA

MATX: +24% at 34 on guidance;
NIO: +5% at 15.40, stock has been rallying all week;
BYND: -3% at 137.30 on product delay;
GILD: +2% on Covid drug news;

UAL: -5% at 29.20 on bonds d/g further into junk;
INTC: -1.5% at 57.50 on product delay;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: BBBY
Yesterday BMO: WBA; AZZ

Y'day Other News: BGFV: +71% at 3.31; NKLA: +9% at 58.65 on being NKLA; NTES: +8% at 490; BABA: +3.5% at 266.70; BBBY: -9% at 9.47; WBA: -4.9% at 40.24; AZZ: -4% at 31.80;

2 days ago BMO: 

2 Day Old News: WMT made a massive rip yesterday, from 119 to 127, a +7% gain on speculation of an AMZN Prime competitor... really wish I was around for that one!; FTI pops on a contract award; XENT: +35% at 18.70 on reported t/o offer from MDT; NKLA: +13% at 45.60 on broker defend; DGLY: +13% at 3.41 on purchase order; LMNX: +10% at 35.60 on guidance; BIIB: +8% at 290 on drug news GNMK: +8% at 16.76; FSCT: +6.5% at 25 on guidance; LEVI: -4% at 13.26; ALL: -3% AT 89.95 on acquistion of NGHC;

TT Track of the Day: Sending it into the weekend with The Andrews Sisters - Rum and Coca Cola, still a classic

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