Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday 3 Apr 18 Morning Notes

Jumped into a DBX apr monthly straddle y'day. Liked my odds of a +/- 14% b/e by April expiry. IPO was shopped for $16-18, then 18-20, priced at $21 then opened +38% higher at 29. Stock has since made a max move of +18% in 4 days, and dropped over 10% in one day. I think it covers..

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: SWCH -11%
Today BMO:

Other News: LFIN appears to be the new CYNK. This thing was trading at 75/share a week ago, it's marked at 11 in the pre-mkt. 2.5 strike Apr puts were added y'day, and it traded 2800 of them with 2200 added to OI with them trading between .20 to .30'ish. Unreal! 
GM no longer to report sales numbers on a monthly basis, will now report quarterly. 
SPOT spotify begins trading today, should be interesting since it's a direct listing and it didn't take the traditional route to IPO. Looking forward to when options list! 

VIAB -3% after CBS offers a "takeunder" all stock deal for VIAB.
Follow Through Names to Watch: WMT, HUM, TSLA, TSN, CALM, LFIN

TSLA: +5% at 265 on quarterly production #s out, this after the stock has been slammed recently. Meanwhile, JPM is out arguing to buy June 100 puts as risk in the name increases

LFIN: -23% at 11.00, probably overpriced since the CEO stated that "continuing on is a going concern" lol


Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC:
Yesterday BMO: CALM

Y'day Other News: WMT -1% as it's in talks to purchase HUM +5%; TSLA -4% on 125k veh recall notice and Musk's April Fools bankruptcy tweet...; ALKS -20% on FDA news; TSN dropping on d/g and tariffs imposed by China in trade war retaliation; Trump out with another tweet knocking AMZN

2 days ago AMC: GME; PRGS, PVH
2 days ago BMO: STZ

2 Day Old News: OSTK decides to can its proposed 4m share stock offering due to "market conditions", lol. Trump is out tweeting that AMZN isn't paying enough taxes and is using the postal service as its monkey boy; POST pops 11% on proposed IPO for its Private Brands biz; FB being defended and co. eliminating data vendors from accessing data; CME to buy NEX for $5b;

TT Track of the Day: Tech house, Umek - Shake that ass

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