Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday 2 Apr 18 Morning Notes

Wrapped up Q1 with no complaints, didn't crush it out of the park like I did in Q4 '17, but I really can't complain about how Q1 went. I'd be satisfied if Q2 went as well as Q1 did. I'm really looking forward to when Spotify options begin trading.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:

Other News: WMT -1% as it's in talks to purchase HUM +5%; TSLA -4% on 125k veh recall notice and Musk's April Fools bankruptcy tweet...; ALKS -20% on FDA news; TSN dropping on d/g and tariffs imposed by China in trade war retaliation; Trump out with another tweet knocking AMZN; SNAP announces its trimming 7% of its workforce;
Follow Through Names to Watch: GME, STZ




Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: GME; PRGS, PVH
Yesterday BMO: STZ

Y'day Other News: OSTK decides to can its proposed 4m share stock offering due to "market conditions", lol. Trump is out tweeting that AMZN isn't paying enough taxes and is using the postal service as its monkey boy; POST pops 11% on proposed IPO for its Private Brands biz; FB being defended and co. eliminating data vendors from accessing data; CME to buy NEX for $5b;

2 days ago AMC: LULU, RH, SCVL, SONC
2 days ago BMO: BB, WBA; TEUM

2 Day Old News: SHPG rips 22% on report of possible t/o bid; TWTR got taken to the cleaners y'day, dropping over 10%, currently down -1.3%; TSLA pain continues as everyone realizes it has no money to do anything, -4%; PLT to acquire Polycom for $2b; AAPL pt cut from GS to 159; CXO acquires RSPP for $9.5b; EFX names new CEO; PEB proposes share for share merger with LHO (+15%); EDGE -85% on drug news; CACI confirms it withdrew offer for CSRA; FB remains in the news for its user data issues; GE ripped y'day on rumors of Buffett stake;

TT Track of the Day: Can't believe I haven't featured a Van Halen track yet, so here's Running with the Devil:

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