Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday March 22 Morning Notes

Fortunately for me, I didn't trade any weeklys. I completely forgot this was a holiday shortened week. I traded IHS and cashed out on a quick vol pop, though it closed at HOD. I forgot to look to put on a trade in SHW, but that April opex straddle was also covered yesterday. Airline and travel stocks are dropping after lunatic terrorists attack the poor folks in Brussels at the airport and on a train.

Es: -0.4% at 2034.75
10yr: +1.4% at 1.896
Vx: +1.62% at 17.25
Cl: -0.8% at 41.19

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: PBR MFRM GIII
Today BMO:
Other News:

Nothing I care about this AM

GIII: -10sd at 41.90, 73k, b/a 0.50. 1sd = 2.4%
PCLN: -2.5sd at 1315, 13k, b/a 3.00. 1sd = 1.05%
DAL: -1.7sd at 48.50, 1sd = 1.87%
EXPE: -1.26 at 107.85, 6k, b/a 0.20. 1sd = 2.16%

Follow Through Watch:

TT Track of the Day: Dedicating today's track to those victims of the Brussels attack, Pretty Lights "color of my soul"

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