Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday March 21 Morning Notes

Getting whacked with a nice snowstorm to mark the 2nd day of Spring.

Es: -0.1% at 2035.75
10yr: -1.8% at 19.05
Vx: -0.1% at 17.70
Cl: +0.6% at 41.40

Earnings: Today BMO: IHS
Other News: MAR sweetened its offer for HOT to counter Angbang; IHS to buy MRKT in all stock deal; VAL being acquired at 25% premium to Friday's close by SHW, call OI was stacked 13x greater than put OI into this deal; AFFX ripped higher on Friday on talk of a 16.10 bid from Origin, it's currently trading lower at mid 14s now.

IHS: +2.67 at 115, 18k, b/a 0.97. 1sd = 1.45%


Follow Through Watch:

TT Track of the Day: Dedicating this to the VRX halt (will it announce GTAT-like bankruptcy?) Linkin Park's "In the End"

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