Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26 Short Interest of Interest

Here are some changes in short interest that I find... well, interesting. The short interest update was disseminated on October 26, 2015 after settlement on October 15, 2015:

From my last post:
SI Percent Increase: SHOP +14%; AR +13%; S +11%; EROS +7.5%
SI Percent Decrease: DOW -55%; MEG -31%; OLN -25.6%; FCX -14%;

Here's what caught my eye this time around, listed in no particular order. However, I will delve deeper into MON, SWN, AEO, BETR and maybe AAC. Standard Qualifier: Don't blame me if you follow the shorts and get your face ripped off in a squeeze.

1. AA: SI increased 21% to 8.1% of the float and is currently at 52wk highs and is up about 97% yoy. SI has been increasing each update since August 14. 600k calls in OI to 411.7k puts

2.TWTR: A little too late because it got smoked on earnings AH today. But SI increased 23% to 10.8% of the float and is currently up 148% since June 30. SI has also been climbing each report since June 30 and it currently sits at 52wk highs. 1.37m calls in OI to 727k puts

3. MON: SI increased 335% to 7.6%, a 52wk high, 48% higher than the next closest high made exactly a year ago. 104k calls in OI to 78k puts

4. SWN: Appears to be heading to single digits. SI increased 10% to 15.3% of the float, a 52wk high. It's chart looks like the VXX. 90k calls in OI to 108.4k puts.

5.  AEO: SI increased 11% to 25.5% of the float and is currently at 52wk highs. SI has been bouncing back and forth but somewhat on the increase since May, up about 50%. 61.3k calls in OI to 37.2k puts.

6. ADPT: SI +42% to 33.1% of the float and +111% since August 31. The prior SI update marked the 52 wk high, but that has been blasted away. It's worth noting that ADPT got murdered on earnings October 22 (down -19.3%), so those tricky shorts could well be out by now, though the stock doesn't look like its going higher anytime soon. 4k calls in OI to 2.3k puts

7. THC falls into the ADPT category. SI surged, then the stock got murdered after the SI settlement date but prior to the dissemination date. SI increased 36.6% to 12% of the float, marking the 52wk high in SI. Shorts may have covered on the 19% drop. There are 39.5k calls in OI to 34k puts

8. AAC: SI only increases 6%, but SI is reportedly 70% of the float and at 52wk highs. SI has been increasing since Feb 27, 2015, up 680%. There are 2.2k calls in OI to 1.7k puts

9. BETR: Yet another IPO seeing short interest rage. It's increased 20% to 28.4% of the float, and has increased every report since Aug 14 (shortly after IPO). The stock has been abominable. 650 calls in OI to 357 puts.

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