Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Sept 16 Morning Notes

Es: flat at 1969.25
10yr: -0.3% at 2.274
Vx: -2.3% at 19.95
Cl: +2.2% at 45.58

Earnings: FDX, CBRL
Other News BUD for SABMiller, TAP and MO moving on that news; HPQ laying of 30k people; SNDK d/g by GS

TAP: +11% at 80.52, 2.4m
BUD: +6.2% at 114.80, 1.2m
MO: +2.6% at 55.51, 206k
HPQ: +2.5% at 27.80, 174k - a 2.5% pop and *all* it took was laying off 30k people

SNDK: -1.9% at 54.65, 8.4k
FDX: -1.5% at 151.80, 250k
CBRL: -1.5% at 148.25, 8k

TT Track of the Day: A track that just played on's tech house channel as I typed up this blog entry. Love this song and I already know I'll burn it into the ground by playing it non-stop. Michael McDonald's "Sweet Freedom" (Lee Van Dowski edit)

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