Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday September 18 Morning Notes

Es: -1% at 1956
10yr: -2.3% at 2.166
Vx: +2.8% at 21.00
Cl: -2.6% at 45.95

Earnings: ADBE -2.5%; TXN -0.5%;
Other News: Banks all getting knocked on Fed rate news;

Not much going on by way of gainers this AM

FCX -6.3% at 11.29, 683k
NFLX -2.5% at 101.58, 187k
CHK -2.4% at 8.40, 9.2k
KO -2% at 38.57, 20k
Numerous others down in the 1-2% range

TT Track of the Day: As predicted, I'm hopelessly addicted to that tech house track I posted up on Wednesday. Today I'm posting up an old trance classic, Ferry Corsten's "right of way". Epic track back in the day

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