Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8 Wednesday Notes

QIHU: 3.8%, 22k
BP: 3.6%, 1m - Shell sympathy
TSLA: 3%, 260k
LULU: 2.5%, 16k - u/g by Sterne Agee

LGF: -6%, 155k - 10m share secondary
RDS.B: -4.8%, 361k -  t/o BG Group for $70b
MU: -1.1%, 140k

Yesterday recap:
FDX IV opened like it was a regular trading day despite the deal it had just announced. The 170/175 strangle opened at .90 and was trading at 1.20 off the IV pop alone.

UPS turned out to be a nice sympathy play off the FDX news with the wkly 97.5 and 98 calls seeing action on the open, although the stock closed at the lows of the day. 

WBAI opened for the 1st time since it was halted on Monday. It saw action in the April 15 calls with the stock trading around 12.50. The stock ended up rallying big time, hitting a high of 16.50 on the day.

TWTR had a t/o rumor at 10:01am pushing the stock from 51.30 to 52.40 by 10:15, before hitting a day high of 53.20 at noon.

APOL had "activist chatter" that popped the stock from 18 to 18.40, then got faded back to 18 by day's end... as one would expect.

A little tech house to start the day:

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