Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10 Friday Notes

GE: 7%, 25m - shedding r/e assets, $50b buyback
NFLX: 2.5%, 40k - u/g at citi
CMG: 2.5%, 18k - no apparent news..
BX: +2.3%, 32k

RAD: -2.8%, 400k
AZN: -2%, 133k - FDA sees higher risk of mortality w/drug

Yesterday Recap:
I was out for the day but saw some news that looked decent. LNKD was another co with a t/o deal this weak, snapping up for $1.5b. This presented another solid opportunity to get long a opex strangle off the open, ala FDX/UPS two days prior. BBBY posted earnings and it appeared as though an opex strangle would have been profitable off the open.

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