Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday October 14

SWKS pre announced and is trading 8% higher at 48.30 after closing yesterday at 45.32. 

JPM is out with earnings which have apparently disappointed. The stock was trading around 58.75 most of the day yesterday before it tanked along with the rest of the market. It closed at 58.25. It's currently trading around 57.15 in the pre-mkt after hitting a low of 56.80. It closed yesterday with weekly IV at 43%. There are 27k 57.5 puts sitting in OI so I wouldn't be surprised if it finds support there.

C is popping 2% on its earnings. The stock is trading around 51.15 after closing yesterday at 49.85.

Solar tanked yesterday as crude crashed even further to the 85 level.

Friday Recap:
EXAS initially popped higher and then closed at 14.60. It closed yesterday at 13.50 and is currently trading around that level now. A Friday straddle was pricing for $2.00.

TSLA has been getting smoked since announcing the D. It's down at 225 after trading at 260 four days earlier.

MCHP took the rest of the semis down with it on Friday. Everything got knocked. SNDK saw puts flying off the shelves early as that stock tanked, same with INTC. At 1009, a trader picked up 3500 QCOM 72 wkly puts for .15, they hit .60 w/in 20 mins.

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