Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Oct 7 outlook

SODA is getting knocked hard after guiding down thisAM. The stock closed yesterday at 27.75 and is currently trading around 22.60 on 2m shares traded. This move puts the stock at an all time low.

Coincidentally, GMCR caught an upgrade this AM from GS and is currently trading higher at 136.60 after closing yesterday at 133 on light volume at 19k shares.

TCS is also getting knocked this AM after posting disappointing earnings. The stock closed at 22 and is currently trading around 19. It IPOd back in Nov of 2013 and is trading at its all time lows after hugging the 21 support line for the past three months.

Yesterday Recap:
HPQ traded somewhat rangebound, IV opened crazy high and would have been a decent sale off the open pricing in a move of $2.00 which quickly dropped to $.90. It opened at 37.10, hit a low of 36.53 and a high of 37.53 before closing at 36.87.

ADHD IV was pretty jacked right from the open as one would expect. The stock opened at 7.91 hit a high of 8 then sold off throughout the day hitting a low of 5.88 before closing at 6.12.

HRB opened at 29.73 hit a high of 30.49, a low of 29.5 and closed at 29.91.

AKS saw 3500 Oct2 8 calls BTO for .14 vs OI of 740 with the stock around 7.75. It ended up closing at 7.30

UPS saw 1600 Oct2 100 calls trade early for .50 which popped to about .80 before coming back in as the stock dropped before closing just off the lows of the day at 98.56.

GTAT had the huge bankruptcy news which saw the stock drop from $11 to $0.80 cents. Ouch.

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