Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Sept 9 outlook

The /ES closed yesterday at 2000 after opening at 2003.5. It traded at an overnight low of 1996.5 and a high of 2002.25 while it currently trades around 1998. The 10yr opened at 2.43 and closed at 2.47. It's currently hovering around 2.5. The /VX opened at 13.3 and finished about flat.

AAPL has their event today which is what everyone is squawking about. The weekly IV is at 52% implying a move of 3.27% today and 4.4% for the week. IV is actually higher than it was for the last earnings release. The stock saw some large OTM put buys in the weekly 90 strikes yesterday, pretty interesting.

GIS has agreed to buy BNNY for a 36% premium. This acquisition represents about 1.7% of GIS market cap. 

NFLX caught an upgrade from RBC this morning. It closed yesterday at 479.50 and is currently trading around 486, up 1.3%. Weekly IV is at 23.6%. The pre-mkt move is indicative of IV at 20.67

MCD said August global comp sales fell 3.7%. Shares closed yesterday at 92.5, dropped to about 91.90 in the pre and are currently trading around 92.7. Weekly IV is marked at 17.7%.

Yesterday recap:

RAX IV opened way under priced but options were too illiquid to take advantage. IV opened at 36.5% and hit 48% by 10am, hit 51 shortly there after.

TWTR IV opened at 47.5 and hit a high of 49.5 around 945am before sliding back down to 47%. The stock opened at 51.74, hit a high of 52.66 and a low of 51.68 and closed at 51.99.

VNET IV absolutely ripped yesterday as people paid up for way OTM near term puts. Action is beyond curious on this $1.8b Chinese company that announced earnings a week ago. s

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