Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, Sept 8 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES looks to open around 2002 this AM. It closed Friday at 2007 after it opened around 1996 and hit a low of 1988 before rallying the rest of the day. Since opening Sunday evening, it has traded in a range between a high of 2006 at 8pm est and low of 2001.75 at 9am est. The 10yr finished Friday at 2.45 and is currently hovering around 2.43. The /VX closed at 13.15 Friday afternoon after hitting a high of 13.8. It is currently hovering around 13.35.

TWTR is  trading up 2.5% at 52 from 50.7 on news it is adding "Buy" buttons to tweets for E-commerce. This news just came out at 9am. IV is marked at 48 in the weekly. Pre-mkt move indicative of IV at 44.5

HTZ is popping 5% at 29.88 after closing at 28.46 on news it's CEO is being ousted after complaints of lackluster results. Weekly IV closed Friday at 41.25%. HTZ pre-mkt move indicative of IV at 79.5

RAX is trading up about 4.3% on news CenturyLink considers acquisition of RAX. It had hit a pre-mkt high of 41 before trending down to 38.85 on very light volume. It closed Friday at 37.20 with weekly IV at 45.7%. Pre-mkt move indicative of IV at 68.3

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