Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Sept 15 outlook

The /ES opened Friday at 1987.25 and closed at 1977.5 after hitting a low of 1971.25 on the day. It opened at 1973 and hit a low of 1968 w/in the first five minutes. It is currently trading around 1975 after hitting a high of 1976.75 at 0700. The 10yr is hovering around 2.597 after finishing Friday at 2.616. The /VX finished Friday at 14.1 which is where its currently trading now.

AAPL is popping 1% in the pre-mkt on news that the iPhone 6 has recorded over 4million pre-orders in the first 24 hours, a record for the company.

Both BUD and TAP are popping on news BUD is considering a whooping $122b deal to buy SABMiller. BUD closed at 110.90 and is currently trading around 114.30 in the pre. TAP closed at 71.80 and is currently trading around 76.50 after hitting a high of 78.45.

CTSH agreed to buy IT company TriZetto in a $2.7b cash deal, represents about 10% of CTSH market cap. CTSH closed at 44.75 and is currently trading around 45.75 on real light volume.

TEX is trading lower after issuing an earnings warning. The stock had closed at 34.60 and is currently trading around 31.90, down 7.5%. CAT could end up trading lower off this news. CAT closed at 105 and is currently trading around 104.54 with Sep opex IV at 20%

Friday Recap:

ULTA basically went nowhere as far as I was concerned with options. Opening at 114.5 and hitting a high of 118.2 within the first hour. It closed at 114.90.

HTZ faded off the open, no real surprise based on the limited ETH volume the stock had been trading on. It opened at 28.5 and hit a low of 27.80 by 1045 and closed at 27.68.

At 945 LOCO had a breakout past the 37.25 level, then ripped past 38 before hitting a high of 39.75 at 11am. It finished the day at 38.90.

At 1012 a rumor broke that GOOG was taking a stake in EBAY. EBAY had been kicked down earlier in the week on AAPL pay news, and was primed for a rumor rip. The stock was trading around 50.20, then shot to around 50.80 on the rumor. It gradually gained legs ripping to 52.50 by 1035 then a high of 53 at 1055. At 1135 EBAY denied this rumor and it sent the stock dropping to 51.25. It closed on the day at 52.18. IV in the weekly 51s was around 32% when it broke then hit 40% as people started jumping in.

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