Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday April 17 pre-mkt outlook

Big day for earnings today. The /ES looks to open around 1855 after finishing yesterday at 1853.75. It traded at an overnight low of 1847 and it's currently trading at the high since yesterday's close. The 10 yr finished yesterday at 2.643 and is currently hovering around 2.650. The VIX finished yesterday at 14.11 after hitting a day high of 15.25 around 0945 hours yesterday.

$GOOG is out with earnings which disappointed. It closed yesterday at 556.30, then hit a low of 521.50 around 1645hrs yesterday. It's currently trading around 546 after hitting a premkt high of 550.

$IBM is out with earnings which also disappointed, sending the stock down to 187.80 from a close of 196.50 yesterday. It's been hovering around the 188 mark in the ETH session.

$NFLX is out with an upgrade this AM and is trading slightly higher at 335 after closing yesterday at 331. It's currently trading below it's 200 and 50 day MA, with the 200day MA at 338.

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