Monday, November 11, 2013

Trade recap Nov 5 through 8

Nov 5:

At 1020hrs, $DDD had a rumor break of an acquisition by IBM for $90+/share. I looked at the $70 call which I could have scooped for $1.10 and watched it hit a high of $1.90.

I noted that $DNR had Nov 20 call buys at .30 in volume.

Nov 6:

$TSLA was out with earnings and I had considered putting on a strangle which I did not do. Had I done so, I would have been sitting on a profit for the day.

$Z I wanted a strangle on Zillow, but the weekly options were too illiquid to put one on. The stock opened around 88 only to sell off to 78 by mkt close.

Around 0945hrs a rumor broke of Carl Icahn taking a position in $EBAY. I looked at the weekly 52 calls which were going for .45, and watched them hit a high of $2.00.

Nov 7:

I threw a $SCTY 55/53 strangle on for 2.05 and was able to flip it for 3.50 within an hour or so off the open.

$WFM opened lower but didn't really go anywhere throughout the day. No real surprise as it traded rather consistently in the pre-mkt.

$TPX I really considered going long on a Nov monthly straddle/strangle. It was pricing around $1.60. I figured there was no way it moved less than that after going up something like 18%.

$TDC saw Jan 50c BTO 10,000x with stock at 43.00. Trader could be looking for a gap fill.

Nov 8 -

I put on a $PCLN weekly 1055/1035 strangle for 9.60 and took it off for 16.80 for +71%. Total trade time was 30mins.

$JBHT saw some size buys in January 60 puts. The premium to put the trade on was somewhat minimal.

$CPWR saw some unusual Nov 11 call buys with only 7 days before expiry with stock trading around 10.30.

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