Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Nov 22 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1795 after finishing yesterday at 1793. It hit an overnight low of 1792 and ahigh of 1796. The 10yr is trading around 2.779 after finishing yesterday at about the same level.

$P is out with earnings. The stock closed yesterday at 29.75, it hit an ETH low of 28.25 and a high of 30.40 around 0845 after $GS slapped a $39 PT on it. It's currently trading around 30.05

$GPS is out with earnings and is trading slightly lower. The stock closed at 41.80 and hit an ETH low of 41 and a high of 42.30. It's currently trading around 41.20.

Both $ROST and $TFM are getting whacked this AM after posting earnings. $ROST is down from 80 to 74.00 while TFM closed at 50 and is down at 43.

$ARUN is trading higher after posting earnings. It closed at 17 and is trading around 19.20 currently, after hitting an ETH high of 19.50.

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