Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Nov 1 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES looks to open around 1755 after selling off yesterday to close at 1754. It hit an overnight low of 1751 and a high of 1756. The 10yr ripped higher yesterday to close at 2.543 and is currently trading around 2.574.

$FSLR is out with earnings this AM and is currently trading higher. It closed at 50.25 and iand is currently trading around 55. It traded around 54 and a high of 55.50.

$AIG is out with earnings and is trading lower. It closed at 51.75 and is currently trading at 49.30. It traded around 50.25 and a low of 49.05.

$FB is another one to watch after posting earnings yesterday. Yesterday the stock opened at about 47 and hit a high of 52 and closed at 50.25. It's currently trading around 51 in the pre.

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