Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why I hate the Motley Fool aka the Motley Fade

Sorry for the tirarde, but I really hate the Motley Fool website. You're hard pressed to do a ticker search on Yahoo Finance without it returning some crap article from the Fool. Furthermore, it seems like EVERY crap article they churn out either mentions or alludes to Warren Buffett in some way, shape or form. There's something like 5,000 listed stocks and I think every single one of them according to the Motley Fool is a stock "Warren Buffett might buy".

Just for fun, I used the Motley Fool's own site searchbar and searched "Warren Buffett" and it returned a total of 9,265 articles with 9 articles written in the past five days that mention Warren Buffett. What charlatans! Not to mention that every article ends with the Fool hocking some crap service of theirs. The Motley Fool should rename itself The Motley Fade, as fading their pumps is about the only benefit they provide. I just feel bad for the people who know zero about investing and think that they'll learn something by reading the Motley Fool. One would be far better off reading the weekend Journal or Barron's to get their toe's wet in the world of investing, all while saving themselves from having to sort through the tripe posted on the Motley Fade.

End Rant.

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