Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday, Feb 22nd pre-mkt outlook

The /ES closed yesterday at 1500 after hitting a day low of 1495 and a high of 1503 which was where it opened. The overnight low was 1502 and the high was 1509.75 and looks to open around 1508.

$HPQ is out with earnings and the stock is trading higher. The stock closed yesterday at 17.10 after ramping up from 16.83 at 1500hrs. The stock hit a post-mkt high of 18.48 and a low of 17.65. It looks to open around 18.00

$ANF is also out with earnings and the stock is trading lower. It closed at 49.00 then hit a high in the pre market of 52.25 around 0750hrs and a low of 46.23 around 0845hrs. It looks to open around 48.40

$GOOG is trading slightly higher in the pre-mkt as well, back over the 800 level, trading at 802. It closed at 795 yesterday after opening at 799, hitting a high of 805 by 1000hrs only to trade down to 791.50.

$NFLX is down 2% in the pre-mkt, trading at 183.55 after closing at 187 yesterday.

$AIG is trading higher at 39.20 in the pre-mkt, up nearly 5% from 37.15. $GS is seeing some sympathy trading around 152 after closing at 150.60 yesterday.

There aren't really any obvious trades off the open this AM. I suppose a $GOOG 805 call could be a good way to play a positive day. Google seems to be the next Apple stock that everyone wants to jump on and not miss out on the rise up. The $GS 155 calls could be a good play to game the AIG earnings, but would need to move 3.7% to be ITM.

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