Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thurs 10.25 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES closed yesterday at 1404 and looks to open at 1413

$AKAM - Beats and is up almost 10% in the pre-mkt, trading at 39.50 which is about $1.00 off from 52wk highs. Short is 3.7% of float. Possible breakout above $40, will watch options action off the open

$FFIV is getting slammed post earnings. After closing yesterday at 93.32 it looks to open around 81.88, which is $6.00 below the 52 week low.

$WYNN beat and is issuing a special dividend. Stock closed yesterday at $112.29 and looks to open around 116.98.

Earnings the options market called;

$AET - loads of calls picked up into earnings, stock trades up post earnings

$RCL - again, loads of calls picked up ahead of earnings, stock up 5% post earnings

$NYT - Huge pickups of puts prior to earnings, stock drops 2.5% post earnings.j

$FFIV - Lots of puts going into earnings, lots of near-term deep in the money puts which indicate to me that the big money is betting against it.

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