Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday 10.22 post mkt recap

The /ES opened at 1425 and closed at 1428.

$CAT trended higher right off the open, after opening at 82.94. It hit a day high of 86.04. Glad I didn't try to trade the 82.50 puts! The 82.50 call went from about $2.00 to $3.65. The $85 call went from $0.40 to $1.60 on volume.

$FCX opened at 40.23, hit a high of 41.20 at 1000hrs then sold off to a low of 39.92 before closing at 40.58.

$BTU opened at 27.25 and hit a day high of 29.71 at 1000hrs then closed at 28.95. Short interest going into the day's trade was at 10%.

Actionable News:

$MNST had news come out at 1340ish that 5 deaths had been linked to the drink. This sent the stock plummeting. Huge profits could have been made off pickups of any of the Nov 50, 47.50, or 45 puts. The 50 put went from an actionable $2.75 to a high of $7.50. The 47.50 put went from $1.75 to a high of $6.00 and the 45 put went from $1.20 to $4.90

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