Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday 10.1 recap

$NSM say IV surging along with a surge in stock volume as well. the Nov and Jan 35 and 40 calls were flying off the hook early on

$IBM Ripped to new all-time highs, presumably off the positive $CSCO news in the AM

$NFLX ripped higher as Whitney Tilson made the outlandish claim that $NFLX has a better business model than $AMZN

$FB was trading higher until about 1015 when some talking head on CNBC said it should be selling for $15/share, then it begin a nice downtrend

$BIDU opened lower at about 115 and sold off to 111 after being downgraded by RBC. The $110 put went from a low of .61 to a high of 1.12, while the 115 put went from a low of 2.13 to a high of 3.80

$AAPL sold off today as well, after opening around 672, hit a high of around 676 at 1030 then sold off to a day low of 656. 

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