Monday, May 20, 2024

Monday 20 May 2024 Morning Notes

Flipped a 20/17.5/15 put butterfly in GME for +66%, was looking like dead money for most of the week. Lost money on a AMC broken wing call butterfly, but made up for it with GME. However, the money was nothing to write home about. It was looking like I was going to eat losses on both. I am in a July TUP 3/1.5 put ratio for .60ish. Makes money so long as TUP is under 2.40 and above .60 by July.

I'm not around much this week so I'm not sure how much trading I'll do.

Yesterday AMC:

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Day before Y'day AMC: AMAT, TTWO
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2 days ago AMC: CSCO, RILY
2 days ago BMO: BIDU, DE, GOOS, IQ, JD, UAA, WMT

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