Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Tuesday 02 Jan 2024 Morning Notes

The first day of the New Year! Will have to shake off my 2023 COIN losses, and look forward to coming out swinging this year. I really like my game plan going forward for 2024. Will probably see less trades overall, but the trades I do take will be larger in size and deployed during strategic events only. I'll still look to trade my usual straddles, strangles and ratios, but certain situations will take precedence over run of the mill earnings days, etc.

Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO:

Other News: Bitcoin names rallying; shipping names also rallying on Suez canal related attacks.

Follow through names to watch:

VYGR: +37% at 11.53 on deal w/NVS;
LLAP: +15% at 1.31 on biz update;
ZIM: +9% at 10.74 on shipping news;
MARA: +6% at 25 on btc rally;

AVXL: -31% at 6.45 on drug news;
CORT: -24% on court decision;
RIVN: -8% at 21.53 on sales #s;
PNM: -6.5% at 38.90 on merger being called off;
ASML: -3% at 730 on shipment being denied due to China supply concerns;

Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC:
Yesterday BMO:

Y'day Other News:

2 days ago AMC:
2 days ago BMO:

2 days ago Other News:

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