Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday 26 Sep 2023 Morning Notes

My COIN short may have blown up in my face in Elmer Fudd-like fashion; however, my PFIX position hit a new all time high yesterday as the beatings continue until moral improves in Treasury land. I contemplated selling a portion of my position, but wouldn't be surprised to see the 10yr hit 5% which should send PFIX from 90 to around 115, so I decided to 'hodl'. I like how inflation and yields have gone from "transitory" to "new normal"... clown show.

My only trade yesterday is a seemingly ill-fated attempt at fading the WSM move yesterday. When the stock was at 152, I bot the 148/144 1x2 wkly put spread for 33 cents. While I hate to lose the 33 cents, it beats the $1.20 the 148 put was going for with the stock at 152.

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Y'day Other News: WSM: +9% at 152.60 after Green Equity Investors IX increased stake to 5%;

2 days ago AMC: FDX, KBH
2 days ago BMO: VFS

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