Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wednesday 22 March 2023 Morning Notes

Bot back my UBS short calls for a profit yesterday, though could have closed them for more the day prior. I wasn't expecting the stock to rally, especially following a downgrade by Moody's and soaring premiums to insure UBS bonds.

Yesterday AMC: GME, NKE
Today BMO:

Other News:

Follow through names to watch: AG, CS, FRC, USB



Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC:
Yesterday BMO: CSIQ, TME

Y'day Other News: AG drops on report of mine closure;

2 days ago AMC:
2 days ago BMO: FL, PDD

2 days ago Other News: UBS agrees to buy CS for $3b, which is a 60% discount to where CS closed on Friday;

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