Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Wed 28 Dec 2022 Morning Notes

Took Tuesday off from trading more or less, plan on taking it easy this week. Entered a seemingly ill-fated MDGL 277.5 straddle this past Friday as the stock had been moving about +/- 10% per day, but that realized volatility has settled down and implied has come in as well, no bueno for my long straddle. Also entered a KMX post-earnings straddle on Friday that I flipped for peanuts because I didn't want to nurse it all day, then watched as it ran for over 100% by EOD.

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Follow through names to watch: TSLA



Follow through watch:

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Y'day Other News: Tesla continues to get smoked as the stock price falls closer toward reality;

2 days ago AMC: MU
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